Our journey so far has been quite exciting and we are thrilled to see such an encouraging response and support from the industry. We have planned a series of initiatives and to drive them forward, we need additional hands to support us. We invite you all to join us as members and guide us in working together to create a meaningful and collaborative device eco-system platform.

Key benefits associated with the membership:
Provides a Credible Forum:
For discussion and exchange of ideas between key stakeholders namely service providers, government, policy makers, regulators, technologists, security agencies and academicians who share a common interest in the development of mobile communications in the country.

Participation in Steering Committees/Working Groups:
TMA works through its various committees, to steer and provide direction to the industry on policy, regulatory, technical and other important matters. Members get an opportunity to drive the Industry issues through various programs, working groups and committees facilitated by TMA, in a structured and efficient way towards a common goal. Core members shape and influence the decisions made in the committees, working groups, which help drive the broader Indian device industry’s direction.

Contribute in Key Industry Issues:
Provide your inputs and views to framing economic, technical and regulatory policies through industry representation to various concerned ministries, government agencies etc., and play a fundamental role in the development of the device industry in India and contribute on the key industry issues.

Participate in Workshops/Seminars:
Members can attend workshops, seminars to discuss, develop and coordinate responses to key issues of common concern, as well as to network with senior representatives from the mobile communications sector. TMA also works closely with international organizations and provides an opportunity to participate in discussions and meetings conducted by leading technical groups.

Participate in Technology led Studies and Benchmarking Reports:
TMA works with key analysts, research organizations, knowledge partners, government on various studies, research reports, etc. Members get to initiate studies, reports, white papers and also participate in it.

Knowledge Sharing:
Access to research, surveys, knowledge papers, press releases, industry submissions.