ICDR is an innovative and sophisticated solution customized to meet and control the importing of cloned, duplicate and unauthorized mobile devices into the country.

  • Validates whether the IMEI numbers are genuine, fake or duplicate, and belong to same make and model.
  • Helps the customs officers ensure that duplicate numbers are not being imported into the country, along with easily validating the genuineness of the respective IMEI numbers.
  • Provides the Customs Officers a fast and easy role with an electronic system. This tells them that the mobile devices have not been recorded entry prior to this inspection, which would not be possible to record manually.
  • ICDR establishes that the brands and manufacturers of the mobile devices maintain their reputation and quality of products by ensuring no phony or counterfeit mockup devices are imported into the country.

1. Implementation of DGFT Notification prohibiting import of mobile phones with duplicate, fake and non-genuine IMEI - reg: 22nd December, 2015