How To Protect Smartphone From Hackers

Mobile security is the new buzzword for all smartphone users as the device is not only used for making calls but also act as a mobile wallet, address book, entertainment device, Internet device and others. With the increased dependence on smartphones, consumers are also trying to protect smartphone from hackers as they are always looking at some challenge or the other to test their skills.

Use PIN for Device
One need to install a password or a PIN each time the smartphone is turned on or off. Thought it may seem tiring, switching it on/off using PIN or password but its utility is when we lose or misplace our phone. Once the smartphone is in wrong hands and the phone has a password or a PIN, people cannot access data. One can also use apps like app lock, document locker and signal to protect apps and files which are stored in smartphone.

Discourage Use of Unknown Wi-Fi
With India becoming No 1 mobile data consumption country in the world, consumers are hooked onto free Wi-Fi data thanks to its speed and good quality Internet. All this is a good trap laid by hackers for hacking their smartphone but consumers should desist from using unknown Wi-Fi source. Instead consumers should use high speed data pack from mobile service provider so that when they use Internet from smartphone for financial transactions, they are sure that nobody is eavesdropping and Wi-Fi network is safe.

Download App from Trusted Source
Consumers should download app from trusted source like Google Play Store or Apple iTunes so that one is sure about the apps or games as they are verified, scanned and tested before being uploaded on Google Play Store or Apple iTunes. The thumb rule is consumers should desist from downloading apps or installing it in the smartphone from trusted source say Google Play Store or Apple iTunes.

Install Anti-Virus
Nowadays, we are seeing ransomware and virus attack on all kinds of devices where anti-virus is not updated or OS software is not updated. So, the first thing that consumers should do is to buy and install antivirus on respective smartphones. Not only this, even the smartphone's software and apps need to be updated on a regular basis so that software flaws can be plugged. Whenever, there is any notification on OS or apps update, the consumer should connect to known and trusted Wi-Fi source and update OS or apps.

Bluetooth Setting
Hackers are in search of smartphones which are visible as they use them as their target for their experiments so consumers should set their smartphones in non-discoverable mode so that hackers cannot see them and also should keep their Bluetooth on a switched off when not in use.