Our nation is passing through exciting times based on a vibrant economic outlook by World Bank and other rating agencies for all industry sectors and businesses. It’s an interesting story for Indian mobile sector as it has grown in leap and bounds and poised to become one of largest in the world thanks to the introduction of cutting edge technologies and innovations. With the growth of broadband, demand for connected devices are increasing manifold be it at home or for enterprise users.

The smart devices will play a critical role in connecting multiple touch points and help in improving quality of life as the adoption increases. The Indian government and the industry is all geared up to work towards providing a viable eco-system and best technology framework for the growth of mobile devices in India. While we do have multiple think tanks and associations working actively to support the growth of device industry, we believe there’s a strong need to have a dedicated forum with a technology focused approach which will act as a catalyst in shaping the overall device eco-system in the country.

It is with this objective, the idea of coming up with The Mobile Association was born which aims to be a collaborative forum for mobile device community to promote and preserve the interest of wireless devices in India. The initiative is a collective effort of some of the best brains from the industry who are passionate about building a secure and sustainable device eco-system and its technology framework. The forum along with its eco-system partners aims to focus on addressing opportunities and challenges in the device sector from technology, policy and regulatory standpoint.

The Mobile Association (TMA) has got tremendous support from the industry with most of the leading brands already expressing interest in joining as members and sharing best practices within the peer group. The scope of adoption for smart devices is expected to grow manifold with diverse industry segments joining the eco-system as we move forward. And to address the latent demand, we have a number of exciting and forward looking initiatives which we plan to roll out as we move forward.

To achieve these milestones, we urge the industry to join, support and guide us as we move forward in this exciting journey.

I am happy to join The Mobile Association and am equally excited to be a part of the forum for promoting and supporting key initiatives of the association. I hope the industry will support and guide us in charting a progressive roadmap for the Indian device sector.